Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Smells Like September

There is something about September that makes me happy. I celebrated my 3rd wedding anniversary at the beginning of September, (can you say i-Pad? i-Love my husband); classes start again so work is busy and the campus has a pulse, the leaves change – fall is coming, you can wear corduroy pants again (just me?) and the wasteland that is summer television is coming to an end. Big Brother and Wipeout, I’m looking at you, Mad Men, you can stay. True Blood, I’m mad at you, but I love Eric, so you can stick around. For now.

Something else to look forward in September and the fall in general, is all the recipes that come out - pumpkins, apples, and comfort food take center stage. Thank goodness, because I think I’m officially over strawberries and cherries. My parents have a couple of apple trees in their yard and we got together to make apple crumble. We made 12 altogether, and it was pretty easy and quick, (except for 2 hours it took to peel 100s of apples) once you had all your ingredients assembled. An added bonus of course is the smell that fills your kitchen when baking them. I made the fatal mistake of baking one and not having vanilla ice cream on hand to eat it with. You can’t imagine the horror.

A sample of some of our apple crumbles. Sorry the picture is garbage, it's from my Blackberry - turn your head 90 degrees to the right to get the right perspective.

Happy Fall!

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