Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday!

Yesterday was March 23 – besides being Keri Russell’s birthday (oh Felicity, why did you ever waste your time with Noel?), it is a rather insignificant day in history. However! It was also the one year anniversary of this very blog. Can you believe it? I know, I certainly can’t. I am working on a post about some reading I’ve been doing lately but wanted to acknowledge this milestone (ha!) with a quick post.

I understand that I still need to be more consistent and post more frequently (in one year I only have twenty posts), and I’d love to have more readers, (seriously, if you are reading this, please do me a favor and say hello in the comments. It will make my day!), but the fact that I even remember my password to Blogger speaks volumes at how far I’ve come from previous attempts. Thanks for reading, thanks for posting in the comments, thanks for coming back after I’ve taken a huge hiatus, and thanks for allowing me to snark on. I’m off to celebrate with a cupcake!


  1. YAY! Happy one year! I seriously enjoy your blog every time I read a new post!

    If our blogs were children and living in the same country, they could have a joint birthday party.. with... clowns... or something less scary. :)

  2. Truth: I was a rabid Mickey Mouse Club fan back in the day, and obsessively memorized all Mouseketeer trivia, including their birthdays. More than fifteen years later, every March 23rd, I still remember Keri Russell's birthday. Can't always remember my husband's, but...


  3. oh happy day!

    your blog completes me.

    congrats! here's to another...more

  4. happy belated! however, i will be honest and say i always lied noel better than ben. ben seemes so...vacuous. anyhoo - keep writing!

  5. crimey! i know how to spell, i promise. but my keyboard is sticky again. argh!

  6. @julie - our blogs would totally go to school together, and we'd carpool and everything!

    @shauna - I am the queen of random trivia, so no judgement on the mickey mouse club fandom

    @mary - thanks!

    @jrhigh - did you really just say "crimey"?

    Thanks everyone for posting! It really does make my day!