Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Five: Things I Did This Week

1. Finally finished my paper for class. Just in time to have another one due for my second class. If anyone knows anything about quantitative research including but not limited to: SPSS, significance values, what a histogram is, and why I should care about what the mean, median and mode are of data when I'm doing a course based graduate degree instead of a thesis, please feel free to contact me.

2. Baked. And it was glorious. I made chocolate chip cookies and muffins and although I wanted to eat every last one of them, instead I only kept a few out and put the rest in the freezer for a rainy day. It's supposed to snow this weekend, so I think I'll be pulling them out asap.

3. Bought tickets to the Russian ballet. So excited - they are in town next week performing Romeo and Juliet, and although I'm not a huge ballet fan - I love all things Russian (and by all things I mostly mean their ice cold gymnasts, pretty churches, fur hats, and dolls) and I can pretty much recite word for word the Leonardo Dicaprio/Claire Danes version of Romeo and Juliet (don't judge me - I was in grade 10 when it came out), so based on those two points that actually have nothing at all to do with ballet, I think this is a good fit for me.

4. Speaking of Claire Danes, I finally started watching Homeland on demand. OMG. It is so good, and if you aren't watching it, start. The characters are interesting and flawed (which always appeals to me), the writing is good, and the story sucks you in. The only problem is, I do find it hard to believe that Claire Danes is a CIA agent, when she'll really always be Angela Chase to me.

5. I went to convocation. My husband finished his graduate degree in Educational Leadership (Woot! Woot!) and so we went to see him cross the stage. Wow, are those ceremonies every long! Also, what's with all the middle names? I'm certain that they could shave off at least 20 minutes of the ceremony if stuck to first and last names only. The good news, is that he is finished after all of his hard work, the GREAT news, is that I live with someone who knows how to write a paper in APA format. Congratulations husband!

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