Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hello Stranger

So I've clearly missed my opportunity at a book deal (blogs are so 2000s), that would later be optioned for a movie, where my Hollywood twins Stana Katic and Rob Thomas (that's not a typo - junior high was a very awkward experience for me) fight over who gets to play the coveted role of me, but I figure if I don't start now I never will. So, big payoff be damned, I'm doing this for (shudder) myself. Yah, I said it. Let me just throw this all out in to the universe and see what comes back. Please God, let it be a book deal.

Where to begin? I suppose the name is a good starting point. I am a sister - the youngest of three daughters, and I am incredibly snarky, so I guess that's covered. Come on people, keep up. I am also a snarky wife, snarky coworker, snarky friend, and snarky blogger now too. I know I must sound like a pleasure to be around, but in fact, I am a pleasure to be around. Pop culture expert extraordinaire, sarcastic, mind of a steel trap for useless information, and great reteller of stories (heed the warning - I remember everything), I am the person you want at your parties to entertain you. Unless I don't know you, then I won't talk to you at all and you'll probably think I'm kind of a bitch. It's true. I am terribly shy and will rarely start a conversation and/or engage with other human beings unless I know them. So join me, anonymous friend, as I share my experiences, comment on pop culture, and hopefully snag that book deal as I stumble through life.

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