Sunday, July 24, 2011

Snarky Sunday: Hipster Chic

I understand fads and trends and all the rest of that. I don’t wear a paper sack, or designer clothes, but I’m somewhere in the middle I think. I will splurge on some things – a nice purse, maybe a pair of shoes, or a good pair of jeans, but that’s about it. The thing is though, if I buy something nice, it’s going to look like something nice. I don't want to sound like an oldy lady - I'm not, but doesn't anyone care about looking presentable anymore?

What I don’t understand is people paying top dollar to look like an extra from Saved By the Bell. Oversized dark frame glasses. Check. Oversized t-shirt. Check. Acid wash jeans and/or tights. Check. All of the above are worn in an unironic manner, like it's totally normal to have glasses that are ten sizes too big for your face? Check. What is the point of that? Do they not realize they look really stupid? I get that trends are cyclical but I think some things just should not be recycled.

What is even worse is all the accessories you need to be a hipster. Let me go and pay thousands of dollars for a restored record player. Or how about lugging around a typewriter instead of a laptop? I just think it’s hilarious that these people (usually twenty somethings – of which I myself am one, but have somehow managed to escape the siren song of Polaroid cameras and fluorescent clothing) are trying so hard to be unique when they look like every other loser at Starbucks. Again, it’s a trend, and I'll admit, some components of it do seem like fun, but for the most part I really hope it passes soon. Like come on! The 80s are over. You were born in the 90s or at the very least only a toddler in the 80s. Claim your own style rather than trying to look like a character from a John Hughes movie (if you even know who that is). Oh. one more thing. If you are over the age of thirty and participating in this trend, then you really need to not do that anymore. When people in their 20s do it, it's annoying. When you do it, it's obnoxious and desperate.

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