Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Five: Fall Resolutions

So the lazy days of summer are almost over and I need my brain to start picking up the pace in preparation for fall. Here are my top five resolutions for autumn that will hopefully help me stay on top of my life.

1. Actually do my homework and readings for my courses in a timely manner, instead of my usual cracking the text at the last minute to pull relevant quotes for my 15 page paper.

2. Cook dinner at home. I’m done with eating out two times a week or ordering pizza. My wallet is especially done with it.

3. Stay on top of my house. Not that I’m some desperate housewife who has millions of loads of laundry and floors to clean, but just the day to day stuff that gets away from you, you know? A little each day is my new mantra instead of A LOT all day on a Saturday.

4. Bake! How nice does your house smell when you make apple pie or homemade cookies? I need to get back into that.

5. Exercise. Especially if I start baking more, I will need to make sure I’m still going for walks or doing yoga to keep my amazing body in shape (snerk). Exercise is always the first thing that gets sacrificed when you’re busy and/or watching a Vampire Diaries marathon to catch up before the new season starts, so I need to definitely make it a priority.

Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone! Fall is just around the corner…

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