Friday, December 23, 2011

End of the Semester!

The semester is finally over! I had taken two classes which is a situation where when you’re going through, is awful and horrible, but when it’s done is sweet relief, which can apply to many situations I guess. That’s what she said. Okay, enough. One of them was a statistics class, which quite frankly, I can’t believe I paid $1500.00 for a class to give me ulcers, but whatever. It’s done, and I got an A- in it somehow.

My other class was an awkward mess. My instructor wanted us to have a Skype meeting with him, which is actually my worst nightmare (in all my undergrad years I attended the office hours of my professors maybe 2 times), so having one on one time with an instructor via Skype was not very appealing to me. Adding to the awkwardness was the fact that my instructor is Greek and living in Greece and when I first called him on Skype, I instinctively started speaking Greek, and he assumed that I was totally fluent. Something I failed to correct.

Don’t get me wrong, I can speak and understand Greek, but if you’re explaining learning theories to me and how they relate to distance education, I need you to be speaking English. Alas, it was too late, so I had to pretend I understood everything he was saying in this academic language that I would have a hard time understanding even in English. Needless to say, I sent a follow up email (in English) seeking some clarification.

Then we had group work – I’ve discussed this before, but only hit reply all in an email, if you are in fact sharing information that is important to all you are replying to. Saying “thanks” or “sounds good” doesn’t warrant an email even to one person (I feel that should be implied. No one wants their inbox flooded with niceties.), let alone a group of five people.

But, who cares about all of that because it is OVER! So happy to be done. Until January 9 when everything starts again, but until then, I plan to sleep my brains out and have a marathon Fringe session (I never got into it, but I do love me some Joshua Jackson. Pacey and Joey 4EVA - a shout out to all the Dawson's Creek fans out there)and perhaps dust off that old sewing machine.

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the holidays!

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  1. YAY! Congrats about surviving the semester! I can't even imagine having to Skype with a prof... and in another language... eek!

    Happy New Year :)