Wednesday, January 18, 2012

30 by 30....ish

Wow! I have 10 days to complete my things to do before I'm thirty list. Looks like I'm going to be very busy until the 28th. Of the sixteen items on my list I've completed approximately eight of them. I guess 50% completion isn't totally awful, but I started the list over a year and a half ago. And my definition of complete may be a bit loose. For example, I did make croissants, but they didn't turn out, so should I really have crossed it off my list? Probably not. According to this list, I still need to make donuts, fried chicken, get published, grill a pizza, go hiking (extremely unlikely since with the wind chill temperatures are reaching the -40s), make ice cream sandwiches, make kotopitakia and soutzoukakia. If I did by some miracle complete this, I would likely also gain ten pounds before my 30th birthday as well which is definitely not on the list. Also any tips on how to get published in 10 days?

I'll keep you posted on how far I get. The countdown is on!


  1. technically, this blog counts as published. :) also, your goal was to make croissants, not make them well, so yeah, cross that off. soutzoukakia are just dressed up meatballs, so if you have made meatballs, i'd say that's done too. that's got to have you at at least 64.3% completion now. happy birthday! xoxo

  2. I agree that this blog counts as being published. Good job!
    Also, grilled pizza is super delicious - that's on my list for today or tomorrow :) Happy early birthday!

    PS. Can I steal your "30 by 30" idea? I love it.