Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dry Spell

After my hot streak blogging three times in one week, I had a bit of a dry spell over here. Mainly due to poor planning and real life getting in the way. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m working on my masters, and this semester I got really cocky for some reason and registered for two classes. Plus work full time. Plus the CW Monday night line up – I can’t lie, I love the Hart of Dixie. It’s easy to see how writing two papers due on the same day sort of got away from me. Needless to say, I completed them, spending way more time than I care to admit trying to properly format them to APA requirements. Seriously, why do they change the rules so often? So unbelievably frustrating when you think that you’re done, and then have to go back and spend so much time trying to decipher if it’s one or two spaces after a period, and trying to figure out how to properly format your page headers.

I received feedback from the one paper already and I think I kind of love my instructor and his snark. Here is some of his feedback (emphasis mine):

A very good submission. Well reasoned and supported by solid examples. Other than some irritating semantic and syntactical errors, your paper is reflective of a good grasp of the underlying concepts and the hypothetical application of the associated methodologies/approaches. A good read.

I’ve actually never had someone put in writing that I irritated them, so kudos to him and his boldness. Quite frankly, it endeared me to him, and obviously, it didn’t irritate him too much – I ended another dry spell with this paper. I finally got my first A on a paper since Sociology 201. Yes, you heard that correctly. The only A I ever received in my academic career was for a Sociology 201 class during my first year of university. I remember it like it was yesterday: the year was 1999, Justin and Britney were still dating, I was seventeen years old and it was still the nineties! It’s not that I crashed and burned after that, but I hovered in the B- to B+ range, with a few Cs and A-’s for good measure. I never did reach that elusive A again. Until now. It took me long enough but the academic dry spell is finally over. Now if I could only figure out APA.

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  1. True enough blogging takes time but honestly, something as simple as a masters degree is getting in your way?
    I kid...

    I too had only one true "A" in my entire undergrad experience. Like you the overall GPA was ok but the I too earned my one and only A on a paper in first year...history 201 (or something like that) andddd I submitted the paper HANDWRITTEN, as in pen not typed on a computer or type writer or anything! (it was 1995...)